Xtreme HD Mono-Grade Engine Oil

Product Description

Xtreme™ Heavy Duty SAE Mono-grade Engine Oils are exceptionally versatile premium quality straight grade crankcase oils for gasoline engines. Manufactured from selected premium, high viscosity index base stocks and formulated for outstanding performance in severe service and under varying operating conditions.

  • Provide antiwear, rust, and corrosion protection
  • Resists oxidation, sludge, and varnish deposits
  • Protects against friction and wear
  • Prevents foaming
  • Maintains low temperature fluidity while providing high temperature lubrication with reduced volatility
  • Mono-grade viscosity stays in grade throughout their useful service life

Recommended for gasoline engines in automotive and industrial applications where straight grades oils are preferred, including cars, trucks, industrial engines, lawn and garden engines, pump engines and farm tractors.

Xtreme HD Mono-Grade Engine Oil is available in the following viscosities:

Product SKU Size Product Name
591699 Blend SAE 20 SN
580404 1/275 Gal SAE 30 SN
573301 1/55 Gal SAE 30 SN
502046 1/6 Gal SAE 30 SN
564893 6/1 Qt SAE 30 SN
571268 Blend SAE 30 SN
566151 6/1 Qt SAE 40 SN
571276 Blend SAE 40 SN
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