Xtreme™ GL-4 SAE Gear Oil

Product Description

Prolonging a gear set’s life and increasing a gear set’s efficiency are two key factors you must consider when selecting an API GL-4 level gear oil. Xtreme™ GL-4 SAE Gear Oils are blended from highly refined base stocks and combined with extreme pressure additives plus rust, oxidation, and foam inhibitors to extend the life of your machine’s components. Xtreme GL-4 SAE Gear Oils are ideal for use in gear reducers, oilfield pumping units, automotive and heavy duty transmissions, and automotive and heavy duty differentials where an API GL-4 service level is recommended.

Xtreme GL-4 SAE Gear Oils create a thick hydrodynamic film between gears and also provide:

  • Excellent film strength at high operating temperatures
  • Protection in extreme pressure environments
  • Excellent heat transfer properties to keep gearsets cool
  • Outstanding resistance to foaming
  • Prevention of copper and brass corrosion

Xtreme GL-4 SAE Gear Oils are not recommended for use in automotive and heavy duty differentials using offset spiral bevel (hypoid) gear sets. Use API GL-5 gear oils for those applications as specified by the manufacturer.

Xtreme GL-4 SAE Gear Oils are available in the following viscosities: SAE 90, SAE 140.

Product SKU Size Product Name
565503 1/35 # True-Flo SAE 90 GL-4
576018 1/400 # True-Flo SAE 90 GL-4
594531 4/1 Gal True-Flo SAE 90 GL-4
567664 Bulk True-Flo SAE 90 GL-4
565538 1/35 # True-Flo SAE 140 GL-4
579104 1/400 # True-Flo SAE 140 GL-4
567672 Bulk True-Flo SAE 140 GL-4
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