Xtreme™ Fleet Mobile CNG Engine Oil

Product Description

Xtreme™ Fleet Mobile CNG Engine Oil is formulated using premium base oils and a state-of-the-art additive package to provide exceptional protection against oxidation, nitration, wear, and deposits in mobile engines fueled with compressed or liquid natural gas. This global high performance engine oil is designed for long drain intervals and is approved and tested for use in North American and European mobile engines fueled with CNG/LNG.

Xtreme Fleet Mobile CNG Engine Oil offers significant improvements in deposit control and also provides:

  • Excellent performance against oxidation, nitration, and bearing corrosion
  • Prevention of sludge formation with no visible wear on bearings, cylinders, and valve train
  • Improved valve train wear protection for sliding followers
  • Optimized alkalinity (TBN) for use in “dry engines”

Xtreme Fleet Mobile CNG Engine Oil is available in the following viscosity: CNG 15W-40.

Product SKU Size Product Name
500805 Bulk SAE 15W-40 CNG Engine Oil
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