Xtreme™ HD Moly Grease Fortified with 3% MolyGuard™ Additives

Product Description

Xtreme HD Moly Grease with 3% MolyGuard Additives is recommended for use in automotive and industrial equipment where moly greases are recommended including all types of ball and roller bearings, cams, splines, and sliding surfaces which experience heavy loads and extreme atmospheric conditions. Xtreme HD Moly protects against water, extreme pressure, temperature, fretting, and oscillating conditions.

Xtreme HD Moly Grease with 3% MolyGuard Additives provides:

  • 100% improved water washout over industry standard — stays in place
  • 100% higher EP protection than industry standard for heavy and shock loads
  • High Timken rating for extreme load carrying performance
  • Reduced component damange due to fretting (vibration)
  • Rust and corrosion prevention without harming seals
Product SKU Size Product Name
500988 40/14 Oz Moly Grease
501976 1/35# Moly Grease
501977 1/120# Moly Grease
501978 1/400# Moly Grease
501958 Bulk Moly Grease
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