Xtreme™ 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil

Product Description

Xtreme™ 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil is engineered to provide the ultimate in engine protection in air-cooled engines operating in severe conditions. Xtreme 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil is blended with state-of-the-art additive technology and conventional base oils that meets or exceeds smokeless 2-cycle ratings ISO L-EGD, JASO FD, and API Service Level TC. This product also contains fuel stabilizers which extend storage life without requiring additional off-season storage additives.

Xtreme 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil is ideal for use in all 2-cycle motor scooters, high performance 2-cycle motorcycles and go kart engines, logging and landscaping operations, grounds maintenance crews, and individuals seeking higher levels of power equipment engine protection compared to conventional oils.

Xtreme Export 2-Cycle Air-Cooled Engine Oil is packaged in sizes designed for easy mixing at 50:1 fuel/oil ratio, is approved for use with most ethanol blended fuels, and provides:

  • Outstanding engine cleanliness to promote full power for extended periods of time
  • Reduction of visible smoke and particle emissions
  • Exceptional levels of detergency to keep rings free from carbon deposits
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567681 Bulk Syn Blend 2-Cycle AC
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