Xtreme SynBlend Engine Oils

Product Description

Xtreme™ Synthetic Blend Engine Oils are formulated with the latest engine oil technology to give excellent engine protection for passenger cars, SUV’s and light trucks manufactured or sold in North America. These oils use state-of-the-art additives blended with full synthetic and hydrocracked basestocks to meet the requirements of the API and many OEM’s for warranty coverage and engine protection under severe conditions. When used according to manufacturers recommendations, these oils have typical oil change intervals of 5000 or more miles. Extended drain intervals are determined by type of driving and may be 7,500 miles or more in certain conditions. Synthetic and hydrocracked base oils offer maximum resistance to high temperature oxidation and exceptional low temperature performance.

Xtreme Synthetic Blend Engine Oils may be used in any vehicle sold in North America where API SP, SN Plus, SN or earlier designations are recommended. These oils are API approved and licensed. All grades meet demanding global ILSAC GF-6 requirements for volatility and oxidation resistance.

  • Improved engine robustness and cleanliness
  • Improved fuel economy and fuel economy retention
  • Extended emission control and catalyst protection
  • Engine protection under extreme cold or hot temperatures
  • Added oil emulsion specification for E85 vehicle protection
  • Outstanding low temperature flow properties for startup in cold weather
  • Outstanding energy conserving properties for highest mileage
  • Outstanding anti-wear, oxidation and friction control
  • Improved protection against LSPI (low speed pre-ignition)


Xtreme SynBlend Engine Oil Comes in the following viscosities:


Product SKU Size Product Name
502086 1/55 Gal 10W-30 SP
596764 12/1 Qt 10W-30 SP
584384 4/5 Qt 10W-30 SP
587542 Bulk 10W-30 SP
593977 1/275 Gal 5W-20 SP
584157 1/4.8 Gal 5W-20 SP
583584 1/55 Gal 5W-20 SP
500997 1/6 Gal 5W-20 SP
583390 12/1 Qt 5W-20 SP
596772 4/5 Qt 5W-20 SP
583453 Bulk 5W-20 SP
583891 1/275 Gal 5W-30 SP
584149 1/4.8 Gal 5W-30 SP
565773 1/55 Gal 5W-30 SP
500998 1/6 Gal 5W-30 SP
589644 12/1 Qt 5W-30 SP
584376 4/5 Qt 5W-30 SP
583103 Bulk 5W-30 SP
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