Xtreme™ Non-Detergent Engine Oils

Product Description

Xtreme™ Non-Detergent Engine Oils are manufactured from highly refined, hydrotreated base oils selected for their clarity, thermal stability, and resistance to oxidation and combined with anti-foam additives to provide quality protection. Xtreme Non Detergent Engine Oils are ideal for small compressors, drip oiling systems, splash lubrication systems, wet sump oiling systems, and general farm and industrial lubrication as well as older vehicles where the need for economical lubricants is more important than long-term anti-wear protection.

Xtreme Non-Detergent Engine Oils mix safely with all OEM fluids and provide:

  • A hydro-dynamic lubricating film on engine parts
  • Movement of heat away from combustion zone

Xtreme Non-Detergent Engine Oil comes in the following viscosities: SAE 10, SAE 20, SAE 30.

Product SKU Size Product Name
575841 1/5 Gal ND SAE 10 SA
570687 1/55 Gal ND SAE 10 SA
572851 12/1 Qt ND SAE 10 SA
584270 Bulk ND SAE 10 SA
573491 1/5 Gal ND SAE 20 SA
572720 1/55 Gal ND SAE 20 SA
572869 12/1 Qt ND SAE 20 SA
565853 Bulk ND SAE 20 SA
578603 1/275 Gal ND SAE 30 SA
573298 1/5 Gal ND SAE 30 SA
572914 1/55 Gal ND SAE 30 SA
564877 12/1 Qt ND SAE 30 SA
584288 Bulk ND SAE 30 SA
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