Xtreme™ Heavy-Duty Synthetic Blend Hi-Temp Grease #2

Product Description

Xtreme Heavy-Duty Synthetic Blend Hi-Temp Grease is engineered for extended use in agricultural, automotive, construction, and industrial applications. Xtreme’s formulation provides a thorough lubricating film for moving parts that resists water and rust while protecting from overload damage. Xtreme resists thinning in bearings extending service life while protecting against rust and corrosion.

This synthetic blend grease meets or exceeds most GC-LB requirements for use in heavy-duty equipment in on- and off-road applications.

  • Excellent water washout/resistance
  • Heavy load carrying capability
  • Formulated for plain & anti-friction bearing applications under high-stress/high-load conditions
  • Ideal for king pins, bushings, fifth wheels
  • Outstanding multi-purpose heavy-duty lubricant for general industrial, construction, farm/agricultural use
Product SKU Size Product Name
500987 40/14 Oz Hi-Temp Grease
501972 1/35# Hi-Temp Grease
501973 1/120# Hi-Temp Grease
501974 1/400# Hi-Temp Grease
501878 Bulk Hi-Temp Grease
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