Xtreme Heavy-Duty Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant

Product Description

Xtreme™ Heavy-Duty Extended Life Antifreeze & Coolant is a premium quality Nitrite Organic Acid Technology (NOAT) ethylene glycol-based fluid. Specially formulated with industry-leading additives, this product provides extended service maintenance protection in heavy-duty applications without the addition of SCAs.

  • Provides maximum freeze and boilover protection
  • Protects against corrosion of all cooling system metals, including aluminum
  • Free of phosphates, silicates and amines
  • No SCAs required for first 500,000 miles
  • Compatible with most major brands of OEM extended life Organic Acid Technology (OAT) type antifreeze/coolants
  • Approved for use in all heavy-duty diesel engines
  • No addition of SCAs required
  • Meets CAT EC-1 requirements

Meets specifications for ASTM 6210 and TMC RP 329.

Suitable for these engines:

  • CAT EC-1
  • Cummins CES14439
  • Chrysler MS-7170
  • Ford ESE-M97B44
  • John Deere JDM H24A2, H24C2
  • Komatsu KES 07 892
  • Navistar CEMS B-1 Type III
  • Volvo 20774185
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