Xtreme™ C-4 Torque Fluid

Product Description

Xtreme™ C-4 Torque Fluid is an ultra-premium hydraulic transmission fluid that eliminates the need for numerous special ATFs, servicing virtually all domestic and foreign vehicles sold in North America. Xtreme C-4 Torque Fluid is suitable for use in General Motors transmissions where earlier high viscosity versions on Dexron®, Dexron® II, Dexron® III, or Ford Mercon® test standards are required. This product is also suitable for use in most transmissions manufactured by Chrysler Corporation and all heavy duty automatic transmissions manufactured by Allison Transmission requiring C-3 fluids.

Xtreme C-4 Torque Fluid’s synthetic components provide outstanding oxidation resistance extending service life as well as providing:

  • Outstanding low temperature properties
  • Controlled frictional characteristics
Product SKU Size Product Name
593424 1/5 Gal C-4 Torque Fluid
593408 Bulk C-4 Torque Fluid
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